Thursday, March 23, 2017

Icelandic Horses

Yet another Iceland spread for Yvonne's Art Journal Journey theme of Out and About. 

This time it's all about the darling horses found and bred only in Iceland. 

These horses are bred in Iceland and are, for the most part, what we would consider pony sized. 

Everything you might ever want to know about these horses, can be found at Horses of Iceland.

Grundarfjordur is a fishing village in western Iceland. 

According to Lonely Planet:
Spectacularly set on a dramatic bay, little Grundarfjörður is backed by waterfalls and surrounded by ice-capped peaks often shrouded in cottony fog.
The volcanic peninsula at Grundarfjordur is shown in the background, while the Icelandic horse takes center stage.

Materials are a used file folder, three images from three travel magazines, computer generated text, and my turquoise handmade shimmering mist.

Thanks for stopping by today as we visited Grundarfjordur and saw some of the famous Icelandic horses.  I am so glad you dropped by and hope you learned something, as I did about this lovely island.  Now let's head to Art Journal Journey and see more places where people have been.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More fun in Iceland, this time at the Blue Lagoon

Today we are off to visit the Blue Lagoon.  It's the geothermal spa we flew over a few days ago.  Thanks to Yvonne at Meggy's Way, this month's host at Art Journal Journey with her theme of Out and About, I've created another Iceland experience.

Here we see it up close and personal.

Since it seems to be the heart of Reykjavik, I set the magazine image inside a heart.

This is a really famous area to visit

because of the warmth of the geothermal spa located in the lava field near Reykjavik. 

It appears you must book a visit to this man-made lagoon.  Many Iceland sites tout it, and talk about it's healing power, but Wikipedia tells the history of the lagoon:
In 1976, a pool formed at the site from the waste water of the geothermal power plant that had just been built there. In 1981, people started bathing in it after its supposed healing powers were popularized. In 1992, the Blue Lagoon company was established, and the bathing facility was opened for the public.
According to Blue, it's reported to be one of the top 25 wonders of the modern world.

Materials used include a used file folder on which I used a brayer to spread three colors of paint and added two hearts while the paint was still wet.  Also included are four strips of scrapbook paper and four circles cut from that same paper.  Also included was one image from a travel magazine and computer generated words outlined with a dark orange paint pen.

Thank you for visiting today as we take this imaginary trip to the Blue Lagoon about 25 miles (39 km) from Reykjavik in Iceland.  Now let's visit Art Journal Journey and see who else has been out and about today. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

T Stands For Bad Restaurant Experience

The day started when my foodie friend Sally wanted to try this Mexican restaurant on the east side of town someone had told her about.

However, when we got there, I got out to look inside because I kept thinking it was an empty building. 

Even the outside seat was in disrepair, and on closer inspection, I noticed only a few of the booths were still in place.

So we cut our losses, and Sally, still wanting Mexican food, decided on 

Margarita's, always a busy place,

and never anywhere to park without walking quite far.

Once inside, we were immediately seated by the hostess.  That was the last we saw of her.

Soon, another person brought us chips and our water (with lemon).  We never saw her again, either.  It was a large menu, and took Sally awhile to read it, because she couldn't see in the dim light.  Our waiter was by three times, and finally took our orders.  At that point, Sally also asked for more water so she could take her pills.  The water never came.

The food came by way of another server, and we once again asked for water so Sally could take her pills. She never got more water, just the first glass when we were seated.

I was over half finished with my sour cream cheese enchilada I ordered without chicken when I realized I hadn't taken any photos.  I never found much sour cream, either, even though the distracted waiter promised extra cheese and sour cream in lieu of the chicken.

Sally had a taco salad.  Both our meals were $7.00 (USD) and ordered from the lunch menu.

Now there is something you need to know about Sally.  First, she never, ever complains.  Second, she makes (yes, MAKES) me figure 20% of the bill so we don't cheat a waiter, then we split the bill and tip.  However, this day, we waited and waited and waited for our check, but like the water, it never showed.  I got up and went to the register and requested to pay.   As we waited for the waiter to bring the person running the register to arrive, Sally walked up and I asked what sort of tip to leave.  Much to my surprise, she said "NONE."  My thoughts exactly!

Whether a good T day or not, it's time to share your drink related post this week.  It can be photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken at any time, and don't even have to be taken this year!  BTW, next Tuesday is Sally's birthday, so I'll be taking her to her choice of places to eat.  

A visit to Reykjavik and Húsavík in Iceland

Welcome to spring, everyone.  I hope it looks like it in your part of the world.   I'm back joining Yvonne at Meggy's Way, this month's host at Art Journal Journey with her theme of Out and About.

Today we are continuing our trip to Iceland, where we will visit both Reykjavik and Húsavík.

This reminds me of several photos my blogger friend Erika at BioArtGal shared with us when she visited there.   The volcanic eruptions from bygone days are prevalent, especially around the peninsula.

Húsavík is located on the north coast of Iceland.  It is a tourist attraction, as well as a fishing village.  The wooden church seen in the background is Húsavík's most famous landmark.

For those of you who visit from Norway, please note the name is the same as one of Norway's cities, except the little marks over some of the vowels.  Unfortunately, I failed to add these by hand after I printed the word.

The homes in Reykjavik are colorful, especially the rooftops.   Because there is so much land, the city is spread out, and there is ample room between homes.  According to Wikipedia:
Reykjavík is a spread-out city: most of its urban area consists of low-density suburbs, and houses are usually widely spaced. The outer residential neighbourhoods are also widely spaced from each other.
 Materials I used for this spread are a used file folder I colored using a paint marker, three doilies, three images from three travel magazines, and computer generated text.

Thank you for visiting today as we take this imaginary trip to Reykjavik and Húsavík in Iceland.  Now let's visit Art Journal Journey and see who else has been out and about today. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Let's head to Iceland

It's time I get serious about joining Yvonne from Meggy's Way, this month's host at Art Journal Journey, whose theme is Out and About.

There are times when we are inspired by blogging friends, and this is one of those times.  Now I admit, the tiny island Iceland wasn't even on my radar until my art friend Erika at BioArtGal went there last year with some of her friends.  Recently, mostly prompted by Yvonne's theme, I started looking for images from Iceland in the various travel magazines I receive free each week.

We're beginning our trip to Iceland by flying into Reykjavik. It is the capital and largest city in Iceland. 

It is located in the southwestern part of the island.

As the plane gets closer,  we see it's not a very big city, with only about 130,00 residents, even though it's the larges on the island.

Reykjavik is also the government, cultural, and economic center of Iceland.

It's now time to stow our on-board items, turn off our computers, and prepare to land.

Materials used for this entry include a used file folder I colored with a paint marker, two images from two travel magazines, washi tape, and computer generated text.

Now let's head to Art Journal Journey and see where everyone is heading today.  And thanks for joining me on this journey to Reykjavik, Iceland today, too.  Your visit always makes me smile.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mindy leaves Mitzi at home

Today I'm joining Yvonne from Meggy's Way, this month's host at Art Journal Journey, as well as the DT at Try it on Tuesday.  Yvonne's theme is Out and About and TioT's theme is Lady in Red.

Some of you will remember that Mindy recently took Mitzi for a ride on her trike.

Today, Mindy has left Mitzi at home and is now

out and about riding her trike all over town.

Since Mindy is dressed in red (three different red colored crayons),

I am also joining Try it on Tuesday.

I'm not quite sure why my camera made these colors look pink, but they were all different shades of red.

For some reason, my scanner has quit talking to my computer again.  So, here are the materials I used: a used file folder, an old ledger sheet, two images of Mindy I've had on my computer for years, and have no idea where I got them, three Crayola crayons, computer generated text, and a really leaky Deco ink pen.

Please join me at Art Journal Journey and Try it on Tuesday for some incredible mixed media and journal art.  And thanks, too, for visiting me today.  I am very, very grateful.

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day at Friday Smiles

I thought I would share this old altered book page I created several years ago because it seemed to be appropriate.  

And here's a spread I created in my altered book that highlights Irish Proverbs.

I'm also joining Annie at A Stitch in Time with a few Irish Friday Smiles.

You may or may not be Irish.  I'm rather certain I'm not.  But I think it's a good excuse to have a party, with a bit of Irish blarney and some green eggs and ham!

All images were found on the internet.

And here's one for all us coffee drinkers (you know who you are . . . and aren't).

Thanks for stopping by today.  Now let's head to Annie's where it's always fun to start the weekend with a smile.  And kiss someone today, whether they are Irish, or not!

(If they look at you funny, tell them a leprechaun made you do it)